Light of Love – Official Anime Video Trailer

Here it is, ya’ll: the “Light of Love” anime video trailer featuring Yameen & Lady Alma. Mark de Clive-Lowe is on the remix, and we are GO!

Be sure to check for a few cameos in the video including Casual of Hieroglyphics and Bobbito’s Footworks Illadelph record store, formerly located in Philly during the mid-to-late 90’s.

Check out a higher quality version at Vimeo as well:

Animation fans — especially Japanese anime from the likes of Gainax, Studio 4C, and Madhouse — are definitely in for a treat.

Production – Realthing
Executive Producer – Yujiro Funato
Producer / Creative support – Norifumi Fujita
Direction / Animation – Jamie Vickers
CGI Direction – Mayu Hirano
Animation / Color Design – Yuko Ueno

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