Yarouze, New Album Now Streaming

Yameen "Yarouze" Album Cover

Yarouze! In Japanese it means “let’s do it together!” And this album is perhaps my most collaborative yet. 

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Yarouze features guest artists Amp Fiddler, Jitwam and Chester Boyd; performers such as Rob DeGuzman and Ky; and remixes by Motion Cntrl, Newbody & Mark de Clive-Lowe. In that regard, we did it together. 

But also, there’s an additional meaning to the title. The global pandemic of 2020 shifted everything as we were working on the album, affecting all of our lives not only as musicians, but as a society. And so Yarouze is also a commentary (thought?) about how we (me, you, everyone) are all in this together. 

In visualizing Yarouze, the amazing cover artwork by Kris Chau was inspired by her imagination and longing to touch one another again in a post-pandemic world. 

Which brings us to you! Thank you for listening and being a part of this journey, together! Yarouze! ✌️

▶️ Stream and listen on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music & more.

8-track cassette tape

Limited Edition 8-track cassette tape versions of Yarouze are also available, out now exclusively on my Bandcamp shop.

Featuring 10 songs in 4 stereo programmes, these hand-crafted 8-track cassettes were really fun to make and look amazing. The purple color cassette is really dope and the entire package feels special.

Yameen, "Yarouze" 8-track Tape Cassette

To learn more about the 8-track Yarouze release and see more pictures, check out my post about the release or visit my Bandcamp shop page.


I love MiniDisc so of course I had to release Yarouze on the “forgotten” format.

This is a Limited Edition release, only 20 units made. Available now on my Bandcamp page.

Check out my blog about the release and enjoy the gallery of pictures below:

Album credits

Produced, arranged & written by Yameen 
Mixed by Toni Economides, London 
Mastered by Ken Lee, Oakland 
Artwork by Kris Chau