Dead 2 Me (featuring KY)

A woman with green hair is wearing a mourning veil and black skirt, positioned seductively over a chair and staring into the camera. The picture is a Polaroid instant photograph, lending a vintage look to the album cover. Hand-drawn iconography suggestive of a relationship break-up features around the title, Dead 2 Me. A skull with a heart arrow shot through its eye; a scissor cuts yet another heart while a green thread is woven throughout the picture linking the names KY & Yameen.

Music video & single coming soon

Check back shortly, we’ll have more news including a release date, music video, cassette single (cassingle) and more.


Produced & arranged by Yameen
Lyrics & vocals by KY
Mixed by Toni Economides
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert at Almachrome
Cover design by Sir
Photography by Jesse Todd
Video directed & edited by Geevenchy
Behind the scenes footage by Eighteen Roses
Special thanks Colm Doherty