Limited Edition 7″ 45rpm Picture Disc Vinyl

Very proud to offer these custom-made, limited edition, single-sided 45rpm 7-inch picture disc vinyl records — for charity!

Yameen 7-Inch Vinyl, Brining Me - Sebastian Curi

The picture discs feature cover artwork by three different visual artists, each respectively a release from my catalog. Artists include: Douglas Bowden aka Pandayoghurt (“L.O.V.E.”), Sebastian Curi (“Bringin’ Me”) and Patrick Sluiter aka Sahlooter (“Feel It All” feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow).

The 7″ records are custom-made, numbered and produced in quantities less than 5 each.

ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Sunset Youth Services, a non-profit based in San Francisco, California focusing on digital enrichment programs, including music production, for high-risk youth and families.

Thank you everyone for supporting my music and allowing me to give back.

Yameen 7-Inch Vinyl, Feel It All - Sahlooter
Yameen 7-Inch Vinyl, LOVE - Pandayoghurt

Available now exclusively on my Bandcamp page.