Yameen x Ty, “Hard Work” + DJ Enki Remix – Free Download

Yameen x Ty - "Hard Work" + DJ Enki Remix - Single

Ty and I are hyped to present our brand-new 5-song single, "Hard Work" as a free download! It features the original cut produced by yours truly, an exclusive DJ Enki remix, a b-side joint, and instrumentals.

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On the second single off his brand new album Come On & Go Off, Yameen has teamed up with British international hip hop artist Ty (Ninja Tune, BBE, Tru Thoughts) on "Hard Work." The cut perfectly demonstrates Yameen's new sound: Hard-bumping hip-house aimed squarely at dancefloors (preferably the grimy ones). On the mic, Ty brings style that's somehow both aggressive and laid-back and full of not just punchlines, but real jewels, too.

For a different twist on the cut, Yameen and Ty called on DJ Enki (Oakland Faders, The 45 Sessions). His remix gives the song a boom-bap makeover complete with big, gritty drums and scratch hooks.

Whether for the dancefloor, headphones, or your booming system, "Hard Work" has got what it takes to keep you motivated and moving.

If you would rather pay for the single, or if you subscribe to a streaming music service, here are some of the spots you can find "Hard Work" online:

Bonus YouTube video:

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