Cornelius produces new Ghost in the Shell: Arise Anime Soundtrack

Cornelius is producing the Ghost in the Shell: Arise soundtrack.

Japanese producer (and one of my personal favorite artists), Cornelius is producing the soundtrack to the new Ghost in the Shell: Arise anime OVA-movie. The four-part series is a re-imaging / prequel of the original Ghost in the Shell manga. Production I.G returns as the animation studio and production house, continuing their brilliant work on all things GITS.

As much as I loved Yoko Kanno’s work on Stand Alone Complex (I could write an entire blog about her work…don’t even get me started on Macross Plus & Cowboy Bebop), I ain’t mad with Cornelius taking the reigns for Arise. I think it will add a super textured layered to the new series.

No word on when a domestic release will, ahem, arise…But it’s already rolling out in Japan so hopefully sooner rather than later.

Here’s a trailer (that rhymed):

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