One Of Swords: Let’s Talk About Yameen

My good, good friend from back in the day, Dan Amrich — who goes by the nom de Web, One Of Swords — is the self-described “social media guy” for videogame juggernaut, Activision: the publisher of Call of Duty, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero and many more.

As you may have read on my site in the past, I am a contributor to his weekly podcast, both as a guest and as a music producer.

Dan recently posted a very gracious article detailing which tracks he specifically uses of mine on his podcast and gave me a ton of dap in the process. Just like the olden days of the Interwebs, I felt it appropriate to share links in exchange for his kind words.

So QUICK! Hit the link and check out the One Of Swords website! Tons of behind-the-scenes news and features on some of video gaming’s biggest titles. And Dan is crazy knowledgeable and hilarious, so download a podcast or two as well!

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