Blockhead Blog: Phat Friend

Ya’ll know Blockhead, right? Ninja Tune recording artist, Yameen remix collaborator, one half of Party Fun Action Committee…Well, add Internet O.G. to that list. My man has been blogging before it was even called “blogging” (shouts to alt.rap and, hoooo!) and now he finally has a website of his own and the shit is straight up hilarious.

Phat Friend is probably the funniest blog I peep regularly. When Block tells you flat out Willie D is his favorite rapper ever, he’s not joking around with you. Block shares his thoughts on M.I.L.F’s, Rapping Wrestlers, posts regular Songs Of The Day or special MP3s from his recording vaults; Blockhead’s blog has you covered.

Check it out, bookmark it, do what you do. You won’t be disappointed.

Blockhead’s, Phat Friend blog

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