Footwork Illadelph

I’m working on a new album cover and was trying to hunt down photos of the front facade of Bobbito’s Footwork Illadelph store. This was the cornerstone spot for indie hiphop in Philly during the mid 90’s: Heads would roll through, talk, there would be shows and of course records and gear to buy. But in 2009, finding pictures of the store online was turning into a true challenge. So I went to the source – Mr. Bobbito Garcia himself – and asked if he had any flicks. He dug up this great pic below with “Big Rich” Medina sitting on the stoup:


There was only one other photo I could find, courtesy of my homegirl Stef Tataz. Peep:


So there you go. Hope they come in handy. Felt like I needed to chronicle them somewhere.

See also:
Miscellaneous Footwork Illadelph flyers courtesy dubplatestyles on Myspace.
A sort of working version of from 1999 at

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