King Britt, Rich Medina Named Cultural Ambassadors to Philly

Just caught word Philadelphia-based musical luminaries King Britt and my homeboy Big Rich Medina were awarded the titles of Creative Ambassadors to the City by the Philadelphia Tourism Bureau the other week, much to their delighted surprise. I don’t know Britt, but am a huge fan of his music. But I’ve known Big Rich for yeeeears, going “all the way back” to the Footwork Illadelph days where he was co-owner, I believe, with Bobbito Garcia of the Philly store on my old block, 3rd and Market (wotup, Rich!?).

Check out the video Rich posted on YouTube:

Also presented with awards were Bahamdia, Stacey Wilson, Taayib Smith of Two One Five Magazine, SetFree Richardson of Undercrwn and more.

Congrats to all. And big ups to the Philly Tourism Bureau for looking out for Philly artists that have been putting it down for years.

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