The Archive:

A monochrome logo comprised of an outer circle with 3 circulr eyes and a horizontal solid bar for a mouth.

Hieroglyphics Imperium

I’d like to introduce a brand new website I have been chipping away at for a few years:, the archive.

Conceived as a historical artifact and interactive showcase, preserves the groundbreaking work myself and hip-hop group, Hieroglyphics pioneered in the early days of the Internet on our award-winning website,

Between 1995-2001, drove innovation both online & offline as Hieroglyphics transitioned from artists dropped from their major label recording contracts to independent music pioneers. And no, this is not simply a case of self-indulgent hyperbole: we have an entire section on dedicated to press coverage to help add context and history to Hiero Dot Com’s achievements & the group’s legacy.

I’ve spoken a lot about Hieroglyphics on this website, so please be sure to check those articles out as well. But for something a bit more interactive, be sure to visit the Snapshot section of where you can view and discover (or re-discover!) the various Hiero websites as they appeared over the years.

A screenshot of featuring a design from 1999 with a yellow-colored background and cute anime-inspired 3-eyed mascot

Snapshot: as it appeared in 1999

There’s so much more at the link. Big shoutout to all of the Hiero Heads worldwide! Please check out and let me know what you think!

-Yameen aka Stinke