TED Talk: Decoding Yameen (feat. Auralnauts)

Auralnauts x Yameen collaboration! Watch this TED Talk about my album, Hawaii Afterburner that scientifically breaks down why you should listen to it:

This was a very fun collaboration to promote my new album with Auralnauts; two extremely funny and creative individuals that have made me laugh a ton over the years with their amazing YouTube videos. As the duo describes themselves:

We change the dialogue in movies to turn them into comedies. We change dialogue in commercials to turn them into dark glimpses into dystopian futures. We count how many people were murdered by popular movie stars. We write music. We basically do whatever we want and hope you enjoy it.

I invite you all to do a deep dive into their catalogue and get to know all about BEAMZ and Bass Wars with Jango & Obi-Wan.

Or sit back and enjoy a Zima while you watch the saga of Creepio.

Learn the true definition of what Midi-chlorians are. And be sure to pickup a Dynamic Virtual Viewer so you can watch a dope Bane freestyle.

Big shout-out to Craven & Zak for the amazing TED Talk video 👊

Check out “TED Talk: Decoding Yameen“.

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