Digital Underground Live 1999 – HD (“I Get Around” & more)

Going through more of my Hi8 VHS tapes and found this gem: Digital Underground performing in Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA on September 11, 1999. Both Shock G and Money B are present as well as Oakland’s own “DU Goddess” Mystic (rocking a 594 Apparel t-shirt — whattup, Kid!). It was a dope show.

Watch it here:

Songs performed:

– “Doowhatchalike”
– “I Get Around”
– “Freaks of the Industry”

I originally uploaded an older, shorter version of this video to YouTube waaaay back in 2006 before “HD” was a thing. So today I recaptured the footage from the original tape source in a much more modern way and was able to convert the video to HD. If you’re interested in how I did that, specs follow below.

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Video and capture specs:

Camcorder: Canon ES280
Tape: TDK HS120 8mm
Captured on Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (Apple ProRes 422)
Time Base Corrector: AVT-8710
Upscaled 2x (720p) in DaVinci Resolve with Super Scaler