MiniDisc Limited Edition 💽 – “Diamond is Unfadable”

UPDATE (03/08/19): Sold out! Thank you everyone for the support! 🙏🏼

Available now! Super limited edition version of my album Diamond is Unfadable on the greatest format ever: MiniDisc! Only 20 copies were made and once they’re gone they will not be repressed.

The album comes shrink-wrapped with full-color printed j-card as well as full-color printing on the MiniDisc itself (not a label or sticker).

And of course you receive all 6 songs on the Diamond is Unfadable album. Encoded using Sony’s ATRAC 4.5 compression for superior sound quality. A free digital copy in your format of choice is provided as well!

In the early-to-mid aughts, before iPods & MP3 players took over as the dominant portable music format, I rocked my MD player HARD. It was convenient in the way digital formats are (instant rewind, fast-forward, etc), versatile as either a player or recorder, and super small and portable. And it sounded great too with up to 80 minutes of music on a single disc.

I am very excited to have a MD release in my musical catalog. Long live MiniDisc! 💽

Yameen's Diamond is Unfadable album on limited edition MiniDisc
MiniDisc release for Yameen's Diamond is Unfadable album

Buy the limited edition Diamond is Unfadable MiniDisc from my online store while supplies last!