Hieroglyphics Spring Tour 1998 Photos

Ah, rare photos from the archives emerge once more!

Previously on the site, I posted old photos of the Hiero Crew from 1999. Let us take it back one year prior to 1998: 3rd Eye Vision was debuting in stores, Souls of Mischief Focus was zooming into picture, and Both Sides of the Brain was likely just a twinkle in Del’s eye.

Sorry these photos are so small; they are the largest I could find. Ironically, these were probably massive resolution-wise in 1998 when most computer monitors maxed out at 768 pixels wide.

These originally appeared on I am sorry I do not have the photographer(s) names. Please holler if these are your photos!

I have provided the original subtitles from the Hiero site below each respective photo. Enjoy.

Del and Tajai at Beat Nonstop

Tajai and Del doing their thing at an in-store performance at Beat Non-Stop – Los Angeles, California, Spring Tour 1998

Del and Tajai at the Wetlands, NYC 09-10-98

Del and Tajai at the Wetlands, NYC 09-10-98

Del and Tajai chilling backstage before the show at Tramps, NYC – Fall Tour, September 10th 1998

Hieroglyphics in-store at Fat Beats, LA

Tajai and Pep Love supplying goods to mad heads at an in-store at Fat Beats, Los Angeles – Spring Tour 1998

Pep Love, Del and Opio at the Wakeup Show

Pep Love, Del, and Opio kicking it at the Wake Up Show – California, Spring Tour 1998

Philly Hiero fan, Spring Tour 1998

This Cat is from Philly and goes to show: Hiero got mad love in the Phila. (Yes…It’s a real tattoo) – Club Millennium, Philadelphia Pa March 23rd, 1998 [One day before 3rd Eye Vision’s release date – Yameen]

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