Time Warp! RealAudio Lands at (16 Years ago today)

It’s funny how these things happen…I was looking through some old files and came across the very first audio recording I ever made in RealAudio. You remember RealAudio, right?

Way back when we were using telephones to dial-up our connections to the Internet, RealAudio provided a low-bandiwdth codec that was efficient enough to encode audio in a file size that could stream (that is: play and download at the same time) over 14.4 or 28.8 Kbps modem connections. It was quite a revelation at the time.

But the ironic thing about this discovery of mine is that we launched this new feature on on exactly October 30th, 1996. That’s 16 years ago to the day. Freaky.

Anyway, I won’t hold you up. I’ve converted the RealAudio clip below into MP3 and also provided the original RealAudio file for you tweakerz; it’s a piece of history. And below those files, please find the original news post as it appeared on announcing RealAudio’s arrival:

(Click here to listen if the embed above does not display)

Original RealAudio .ra file: Download here

Click image to enlarge:

This Page Was Posted On October 30th, 1996

RealAudio Now @ Hiero Online

Thanks to all those who helped fill out our questionnaire this month! Over 95% of you thought RealAudio would be an excellent addition to Hieroglyphics Dot Com, so we went out and purchased a server! Again, your imput means a lot to us here at Hiero Online. Although you may write me a suggestion, and never get a reply back, please be assurred that I read all of my mail! I do get a lot of it, and am not able to respond to each one, but all of your opinions, suggestions, etc. are heard. Keep it comin’!

For those not in the know, RealAudio allows us to deliver real-time, streaming audio on demand. No longer do you have to wait, and wait for your sounds to download! With RealAudio, just click, and listen within seconds!

Listening To RealAudio

In order for you to listen to RealAudio sound files, you will need the RealAudio Player. Please visit this page, and follow the simple instructions on downloading the RealAudio Player software. Then, when you are finished, come back here, and listen to our brief introduction to RealAudio @ Hiero Online, in real-time!

If you already have the RealAudio Player installed on your computer, go ahead and click below for a taste of things to come!

Thanx for all your feedback, 1nce again! Enjoy, and let us know how you like this new feature!


You Will Need AT LEAST a 28.8 Modem Connection
For The Following RealAudio Sound Clip To Work!

Welcome to Hiero Online & RealAudio

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